49 volume 8 episode

The slaughterer Calcus led the Imperial 4th Corps.

The Tyrren area, which was dominated by the Black Lion Guild, is a land of infamy and notorious. "Rebels seem to be forming around the Luga River."

"Even today, Castle Castle

It's called planning. "

"Since the Navy has been defeated, the rebels are like Giga."

Calcus was just ridiculous. 'Hermes Guild also gathered only the best elite on the Royal Road. I've been trying to live without being scolded ... Are you guys complaining? "

Just die and die!

Rapei has so much to think about.

Lead the Le Més Guild in a bad way

It was judged that it came.

'If we go back to the northern part of the guild,

How about some. It's a good idea to set the central continent down and attack the Arpen Kingdom.

Calcus advanced the 250,000 Fourth Corps.

If you look at the number of troops only, it is not very big. However, after the Haven empire conquered the central continent, from 1st Corps to 5th Corps

It was reorganized into the elite sicknesses.

Above all, the Hermes Guild, which is mandatory in the 4th Corps,

Of the users were 5,000.

In any town or city,

Hermes guild users can also be a bit of a hilarious gathered together. In the past, any kingdom was an attack force to attack, but it seemed funny that it was a rebel group.

"If we were trucks, our opponent would not be out of eggs. Let's just sweep it all away. "

Calcus escapes and arrives near the Lugar River where the rebels are gathering


"I do not ask why. Users here are indiscriminate massacres. "

I think


4 corps troops and Hermes guild users scrambled.

"It's an attack!"

"Hermes Guild. They showed up! "Users who were trying to attack Formos Castle were raided.

The forces of the 4th Corps were thrust at once and swept the area where the users gathered.

"Well, wait. We just bore

I'm here. "


"Please help! Just go home

I will.

"It's already late."

The army of Khalkus was massacre indiscriminately. I did not hear any excuses or circumstances.

'It' s profitable to say a few words and swear. It shows us our strength. "

Their goal is to annihilate the users who plan to cast a castle dare!

The cavalry patrols distant places and did not allow a single fugitive.

- Hermes attack the front of the guild!

- The 4th Corps of the Slaughterer Karkus appears in the river!

It was enough to prove its strength and make the Internet buzz, but there was another story.

"Steel knight came out."

The first combat type golem in the Hermes Guild!

Knight-style steel golems in thick, sturdy armor ran in metal horses.

Knights of the Golem have a terrible defense and vitality.

The Steel Knights did not allow Rebel Army users to move their minds while pushing the enemy.

"The wall of flaming fire!"

Wizard users thickened the fire wall, but the Iron Knights came through.

The steel golem slaughtered the user with the flames in his body.

The result is that 200,000 users, who decided to pursue Formos Castle, are wiped out except for a few who have wizards and flying skills.

Users who were supposed to gather in stock prices

Eat scared and did not show up.Nevertheless,

flesh. In the middle! Sesame seeds.

- Haven Empire was originally a land group

It is power.

Who can afford that army

I will!

- [See Ding 5 Media. 3 Corps

The war of war. There are over fifty thousand steel knights!

The steel knights!

I can assault the powerful life force and defense force with a weapon.

There was no.

Level 400, 500 users were also trampled by the Iron Knights.

Steel golems are generally slow and have low attack power. However, I supplemented the shortcomings by burning specially made horses.

- The equipment seems to be a dwarf.

- I do not think it was made by Tor.

- It seems to have studied the centuries-old fairies and dwarves.

It is. As a slave!

- It's going to be a lot of notoriety ... Who does that?

- Because it's Hermes Guild.

Even if some people take charge and are notorious, they can develop and produce such things. It gives me tremendous rewards for the reps.

- Money, time, bad guys

I can do that hard!

Royal Road users or rooms

I was surprised at the power of the officials and the Haven empire. The rebel group failed to fight properly despite the number of people.

It was difficult to knock down or destroy the Templar of Steel, and even if it was hit by more than half,

I turned it on.

- Uh ... Did you see the head and one arm sprouting just fine? Seriously.

- How do you deal with that? 7 Invincible?

- If you are a steel knight, you need a fort.

I do not think so. Invincible if you play in the plains!

- It looks like it 's not going to be 7. Because you're a golem, you're not tired. My God ...

Even if a great battle took place, only a few golems were destroyed among the steel knights.

It is true that the naval forces of the Haven empire were massacred, but the exhibition of steel knights changed the premises.

I thought that not only the Arpen Kingdom, but even the rebels would be dealing with the Iron Knights.

Weed of the beads and saw the broadcast. Tingling!

<Successfully sewing 1000 beads!

Increased proficiency in sewing skills


"The Iron Knights ..."

I thought it was a great combat weapon.

The Haven empire occupied the central continent, occupying hunting grounds, and not just reaping taxes.

We continue to develop magic and technology to enjoy all of its advantages.

"You've got that stuff behind you.",

Weed of the undead is a golem nemesis.

There is neither body nor destruction.

Because of the belief of the kingdom of Arpen tactics alone, even the Knights of Steel will not sleep.

"You can not even pay a salary. You can be pissed forever. "Those who do not get hired by employment even if they are exploited!

"I had to make such a golem." Weed took a deep breath.

Perhaps the steel golem is a combination of advanced magic skill and blacksmith skill.

Hermes Guild is best for battle

As well as the improved tankers, there are also high-level occupations, including blacksmiths


The blacksmith master Hermann and Pars

It would have been a big disadvantage in the battle between top-level users if ViO had not been drawn to the northern continent. The confrontation between the users

Skill is also important, but equipment

I can not ignore it. Even in the war, blacksmiths

Siege weapons were mobilized on a large scale

Their power is very much in the midst of

I needed it.

"Summon Golem!"

Weed of the Necromancer magic 1

I called Marie's golem, but just a plain mud golem appeared.

Necromancers below level 100

Golem coming out!

- Find work.

"Listen to my baggage."

Weed the golem was used for transport. It was one of the magic spells that were very slow to recruit even if repeated.

As a Necromancer, it grows too fast, so it is difficult to equip magic besides summoning undead.

Nevertheless, the current undead summon

Intermediate 6 levels.

Weed's finally level 500 stone

I dig it.

Hunt for Hermes Guild users since returning from the land of giants

And a demon hunting tour including Demon Delam.

there was.

"I wanted to catch up now, but ... ,,

Weed wanted to pursue the absolute strength.

It's a reality. As a sculptor, you can cut a piece of wood to make 1 silver, 2 silver

My mind was about to go to the back of the dragon.

"If only you could get into the hunt for three months ... It would be the upper tankers level of the Hermes guild. I also travel a little time. "

Sculptor mastering the fast-growing Necromancer became a dream that I will catch up sooner or later.

Now all the other things, aside from hunting and battle quests only to be the strongest ambition!

Necromancer's hunting speed, engraverTo take over the interests of the central continent

The massive military force that formed

: After setting up the oil, money or bottle

Power. I guess I was getting everything. They have an organization different from me.

It would have been a lot easier. '

Rebels in the central continent will be subjected to more than one imprisonment if the Imperial forces are in full swing.

But in the Haven Empire,

I will turn the edge of the sword and pursue the kingdom of Arpen.

The Hermes Guild or Weedna, the plate is too big for one more

It is unfolded.

"I have the advantage ... that I can lead the war anyway."

There was a debate about the war of the Haven Empire every broadcasting station.

If you look at military power alone, the advantage of the absolute Haven empire, but the rebellion will be reduced production and users will leave for a long time, I saw the kingdom of Arpen is advantageous.

Weed thought from a different perspective.

'The overall phase is good. In the Haven Empire, they must protect their land. And the land of Bethkin must be recovered.

We must conquer the kingdom of Arpen.

The southern desert zone is also turbulent,

On the continent, there are rebels,

Has been attacked by angry Arpen Kingdom users.

They have great power, but there are many debtors who want to take out metallurgical metallurgy. The most dreadful debtors in the world!

'Right now. Seoyun missed the opportunity to create one of the future if there is no future will be silent.

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