49 Volume 7 The Appearance of the Order of the Iron and Steel Knights


Weed and northern users landed on the desert island of the Neriha.

The profits gained from the destruction of the Haven Imperial Navy are hard to settle


Ship taken, battle material.

Even if you only share this,

The bigger profit than anything else

It was in the monopoly of the maritime trade route.

Boats that can navigate and battle and trade distant seas require a lot of resources, manpower, and time to dry


Restoration of the Navy in the Haven Empire will require a tremendous effort, and in the future the sea was of the Arpen Kingdom.

"The empire has been unable to transport sea freight, northern users can freely use the".

I came to the uninhabited island with the help of the persecution.

The plate "is a stomach and the mouth is torn and laughed.

"Using the sea, the tops of the north have greatly reduced transportation costs. And since you are able to do so, you will have a great gain in the area near the sea. "

Dirty land that does not pay taxes to the empire!

Traders have a bad reputation when they are caught, bad names, but also success

If you do that, you get a great deal in the trade.

As a trader grows fast

People who recommend a room

There was also enough.

Weed's face is just the chicken

It was as comfortable as a person.

"If the merchants become rich, they will accumulate wealth in the north."

"Taking away the Imperial. It would be painful for the rebels, but it would be difficult for northern merchants to crack down. "

"I have to drive as many times as I can." "Yes! I will try to shake up the last one coop. "

Weed was watching the scene of the colleagues pondered.

'High: Planting: Prevention ^

: \ ^ I [Position] Protestant 1 New Newspaper Country Nine Polar 7 I Uncle

^ 극 극 극 극 [[[움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 움 Four-seater,

^ 3

Koo [old] old 1 1 years old '' 111%

[V 3: position] [again

11 "

6 \ ^ 01 \ ✓) Goal 1 / Goal 5 [

[2] [City]

The press will help. Know it.

Huh ... Is it a final villain? "

'A successful villain can not blame anyone.'

Weed to repair the ship to the north users were encouraged. Because it was an important task, I could not delay it long enough.

'I also need to see a good ship skill increases well.'

While repairing the battleship, the shipbuilding skill is also increased.

I was delighted to participate.

When politicians are elected, they have to make a tee on the show and eat japanese or rice soup.

will be.

"character. Let's go to plunder the central continent! "Oh yea!"

"53:: statement

Ho ho

On a large quest and hard labor

One northern user

They are trees on a desert island

Bears used to repair the hull.

Because there were users

Basically repairing a ship

It did not take much time. Because there was no war with the navy, it was just enough to stay floating in the sea.

"The wind is good. Let's sail! "


"This evening we eat in the Ritten area

Let's take it. "

"Continent conquest!"

Users who came on a fishing boat or a paddle got a cool breeze from the deck of the battle kaka or the electric train.

I joined the apostasy and I was happy as a user of the kingdom of Arpen.I came in. "

"When will it be? Besides we have Weed. He's not a burden.

Do not you? "

Shoud blew up his mouth.

After lowering the tax rate in the Hermes Guild, their fate has become unfathomable.

Users of the central continent did not follow the old prestigious guild even if they hated the Hermes guild.

The forces that have dominated wide territory but have all died.

The new user did not come in,

As a member.

Versailles are wide because the continent is wide, hunting and trade as a wanderer

It was not enough to stay as a force to do.

The prestigious guild of the past is a remnant. As time goes on,


"Now that we have become the Weed

Is it because you followed the word?

He reminded me of a shrill cloud guild when he was in his prime.

I was angry.

The sons of the lion are also in agreement

Weed denounced.

"If we had gathered our strengths and occupied an area in the first place, it would not have come to this size. I believed in someone who was not an ally.

It's wrong. "

Romans, Mihel, and Calis thought differently from them.

'The power has been reduced ... Hermes is being pushed by the guild,

'There is no territory, there is nothing.

"If you collect your strength and occupy a territory?" "Hermes Guild, if you attack immediately, what number is blocking it?"

The decline of the prestigious guilds was not a proper alliance.

There was no time to be such a sincere cooperation in the struggle for the supremacy of the continent.

The black lion's guild's calis is careful. "

Would not you? "

"What chance?"

Shoud was sharpened but did not hide his expectation.

"Hermes Guild is a regular user

I have been facing the outside since. Broadcasters are out, King Arpen

They attack the country or the desert area. Power will be dispersed. "

"Are you telling me to go back and reclaim it?"

"Not that ..."

Kalis sighed a little.

Glory of the past!

It reminded me of the days when I was reigning like a king.

"Hermes see the guild's ability to perform war. It will not be easy to reclaim the land we lost. "

"Then what?"

"Weed of the words so well Hermé

I need to be able to hit the guild. "

"It will be a hit. What's next? "

"Helping the kingdom of Arpen to win the war, even under the Weed ..." "Callis dear. What a nonsense! "Shoud rattled.

"It's a really crappy opinion." Guth did not hide his signature, but Miel of the Roam or Black Sword of the Roam Guild had no change of expression.

They know the tide.

Loom carefully opened his mouth. "Even if the Hermes Guild is destroyed, we will not have a chance. Most of them do not like them

Rapei 's eyes were sharp. Defeat was a shock, but profit and loss calculations were done quickly.

The Haven empire is a country that has developed through occupation.


If they can not make a kingdom to give their name to reality, should not they find a living?

It's gone. "

"Huh ... it's true.

The head of the Hermes guild.

It was changed into the conquest war system, and the great lords were also present.

The absolute dominance of the central continent and the advance to the north!

"Now let's just pay attention to what we have to do."

Lappe vented around. "Cravolta. Thank you Britain. You do not have to wait for the rebels to gather. If you see any signs,

Please ,,,


Crvolta was the top ten tanker on the Royal Road.

He was a strong player, but he was a top-ranking user.

I did.

The movement of the crvolta itself is a knife in the Hermes guild itself

I meant what I picked.

"Calcus-sama. You'll have to take charge of the Tullen area. Local military commander

I will give you all the rights. "

"If it was a massacre, it was what I wanted."

Calcus reveals the white teeth and smiles


Unlike his handsome looks, his job is a slayer!

The more users kill, the more his madness and aggressiveness


When the instinct of massacre was opened, it could not be ignored even if it was Badre.

"Gentlemen. I ask for the defense and stabilization of the Radian and Nest areas. "" Yes. I will. "

"Heroid. Bremen and Sur region. Be prepared for coastal attacks. "

"I will certainly take control."

Laphe summarized the military power over the major regions.

Except for the Imperial Central Army, where Buddha was directly appointed,

You will have jurisdiction over the area.

If you reign in the army, you will end up with a conflict with users.

Considering the average hermes of the Hermes guild users,

I do not want to.

He made us to pick our swords. I wanted to go back in a moderate way, dominating the continent ... I will not look back anymore. "

Raffee's eyes shine sharply


Stable domination and rule!

I tried to change the direction of the Hermes guild centered on Bad Ray as a policy but failed


Brutal destruction and conquest, return to the original appearance of the Hermes Guild

It was time to do it.

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