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Weed was on the deck of a pirate ship driven by three crazy sharks of Becky Nin. Neria Battle!

A few days ago, I saw a plan from Fractal.

After receiving it, I decided to attend. Oh, are you sure? Are you giving it to me?


"Weed If you're busy, I thought, thank you for your time."

"Hermes is doing a bad thing in the guild, I have to cancel even the promise," "Surely a sincere bitch!"

The respect of Becky's three crazy sharks has deepened.

Not only did they appear on pirate ships at the correct time, but even the sculptures of the masterpieces that caused the catastrophe were quickly made on the spot.

It was a wonder that the sculptures of masterpieces were made in only about 30 minutes on the deck.

Weed is a natural sculpture of sea water ball

And cut it with a knife. I took a piece of the knife

Each time the hand moved, the shape of the shape changed as the water droplets were cut and trimmed. Deep fog and a terrible deep vortex.

Among them, what can be said to be white rice, the Kraken expressed by cutting water!

A scary masterpiece sculpture was created in which the Kraken ran in a whirlpool. I did not need craken to bring about a catastrophe,


Board Mir asked me if I swallowed her spit.

"The disaster in this plan is a very important part. What would you do if the sculpture failed?

Is it? "


"The monkey is falling off the tree, too. Weed, even if you fail to do what you do? "

Not only the three crazy sharks of Becky Nin, even the pirates were interested in the words to say Weed.

Sculpture, art is not always the result you want to be produced. Still, I believed that there was something else to do in the field.

Stay calm in the mouth of the Weed

It was.

"Art is the word. Never fail

Sometimes you will not.

"So you are purely about your skills

Feeling "

| 1 匕 1 - 1, ᅳ% 9 9

"Yes. Now is the moment. When you do bad things, you have an artistic inspiration. "

Hermes is a great masterpiece sculpture was supposed to feed the guild! Natural sculpture of catastrophic demonstration of destructive force, causing dozens of huge swirls in the sea. The empire tied up by Kraken could not help but be swept away, which soon produced a devastating result

I got it.

"Take a sail."

"The waves are too high. Grab whatever! "If you get caught in a whirlpool, you can not help but get sucked in.

"sprint. Outside this area. "The captain, the sailors and the helicopters were trying to avoid somehow. I tried to get out of the boat by using the whirlpool rather speedily, but the other boats that were dense appeared and blocked it.

"damage. you idiot. Why come here ... "" He does not listen. "

"Crash contrast. Crashes ah ah! "

"Uh-huh. It's Kraken! "

The Imperial Navy clamours in every direction.

I did.

Swirling in a crazy wind.

Imperial navy squatters round and round to the center of the vortex.

Quasi-Ge and Geum

The entrails collided and destroyed in the whirlpool. The rigid hulls were able to survive multiple crashes, but they lost their durability as they hit other ships.

The structures were crumbling, of course, and the sailors were tilted and swept by the waves and fell into the sea.

"Ah ah ah ah!"

"help me. I will escape!

In the area of ​​the whirlpool, the area of ​​the catastrophe which covers a radius of 3 kilometers with a gust of wind.

The northern users' fleet was far away from the fence. I dare to go near and see

I did not.

"Stomach, power ..."

"Beyond imagination. This is real ... "

"What is this piece of sake!"

The Imperial Navy, which destroyed northern users, was hit by a mess.

Becky Nin 's three crazy sharks even hit the rocks ^.

'If we were there ...' 'Death. "We'll have lost all of it, not to mention the ship," said Weed.

I did not know.

'The sculpture of the masterpiece. And thanks to the master of sculpture. "

Enemy enemies and enemies


Krachen and the seamen worked in the sea and tied their feet together, and they were able to bring out the power perfectly.

Weed of the mouth has become thicker.

'I'm glad the bad guy is in your country. If the other guy wrote this catastrophe to me ...

I did. "

It is a relief to be able to commit the bad and bad things that others can not do! The epicenter was only about five minutes long, but from the standpoint of the Imperial Navy,

I felt much longer than that.

Even as the calamity slowly waned, the enthusiasts were spinning round and round. More than a dozen ships were submerged in the swirling deep sea, and more numbers were destroyed.

The sails were torn like windshield mop for three years, and it was hard to find good ships.

Big and grandiose hulls are tough enough to go to the stables now.Forward I / O Ratio 1:

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I'm going to go to work I'm going to work I'm going to work I'm going to work I'm going to work I'm going to work

The name to make.

"It's the appearance of Weed!"

"All raise cheers. Weed said

He appeared! "

The northern users paddled their boats and sailed to the place where the ghost ships and the Imperial Navy fought at full speed.

Neria Battle!

The exciting video that Carlman wanted was overflowing.

Northern fighters approached the fleet.

Only the pride of the Imperial Navy remained.

"Fight. We are a proud empire! "

"Let's not get hit by northern peasants. Keep honor to the end! "

As long as the sinking ships are sinking into the sea,

Attacked sub-users.

Calman also commanded him calmly.

"Some of the ships give up. Explode all the shells in the ship! "

He defeated Kraken, who has tremendous vitality, self-destructed. The ghost ships also roamed the battlefield.

"Chuckle. Take your life. I will make you a colleague! Give me some money, too. "Skeleton pirates captains somewhere awkward!

Weed's Necromancer skill was low, the number of skeletons was a little short, and professionalism has also fallen. Skillets that are essential for mates and have poor reprocessing skills.

"I'll show you the hot flavor. Load the cannon. "

"The ketchup. The shell fell off. "

"Then go into the cannon for a while."

"Yes. Okay. Captain."

"Crutch. good. launch!"

Broken skeletons fly over the sea

I went there.

The ghost ship's own shelling did not sink the fleet, but the ship of the northern user took time to approach

I gave it to him.

A boat of northern users pushed endlessly.

More than half the cannons of the Imperial Navy were caught in the whirlpools or wet in water.

Carlman picked up the captain's sword, which temporarily boosted the fleet's command power and movement speed.

"Prepare even this kind of ... Weed is too. Fight the boat to the end. "

The fleet of the Imperial Navy broke through the middle of the ship of northern users.

The cannon, which opened the left and right potholes and fired continuously, hurt northern users, but only for a while.

A boat of northern users wraps their battles on all sides and hooks

They came up.

"We are Hermes Guild!"

Demonstrate overwhelming power in hand-to-hand combat

The Hermes Guild.

The Imperial Navy has already been blocked by many ships


Battle without retreat!

Hermes Guild users were feeling disadvantaged.

I thought it was a battle that could not be won from any moment, but the number or level of users

It was a threat.

After the battle, the ships of the Northern users have been sinking quite a lot. But not all the people on board were dead.

Users and crew who plunged into the sea just before the sinking.

Rescue them from other ships and live them.

I also saved the combat power.

"Go. We are just poisonous mushrooms ... "


"큭 ... I have not been introduced yet. "

As the northern users die, new combatants have been supplemented.

The Kalman or Imperial Navy will have enough sailors

I had only the victory of the battle in mind.

I did not stop the boat to save the men, nor did I need to, but the northern users had a sticky feeling.

The belief that others will save even if their ship is broken! Planned strategies or tactics in advance

Then it was the driving force for victory.

Weed de Bajamoru and sculpture of life

They took the battleships, but the northern users were too busy.

"We are experts in hand-to-hand combat. This ship is a rape by our crazy sharks


"It's very hard to write as a pirate ship

You! "

It was a chance for pirates to take away their fortune.

He grabbed a rope tied to a mast to fly over the nearby ships and flew.

Victory of the kingdom of Arpen at the Battle of Neriah!

It was a battle that almost all users of the Royal Road watched with interest.

- It will finally happen. Northern users ... Empire Empire! From Royal Road

Many wars have taken place, but this is the first such large-scale naval battle.

- Which is better?

- I would like to raise the hands of the Haven Empire, but the Arpen Kingdom, in a sense, has been writing myths of infallibility until now.

- Thanks to the Weed and Protestant Protestant.

- Miracles happen frequently on the Royal Road. Will miracles happen at this time of year? Surely the winner of this battle will dominate the ocean for quite some time in the future!

In fact, the broadcasting stations have had to spend the whole night since yesterday.

"Neria Battle? what is that. This chaos ^? "

"The northern marine users are united in landing operations, and the Imperial Navy comes to a halt? Suddenly, why is this ... No. Anyway, prepare for the relay! "

"We are already preparing. I'm going to empty the time zone. "

"Not enough. Host, writers. Let's set it up properly, from the studio to the sea of ​​the sea! "

Broadcasting stations have put their full force in Neriah.

It was an important part to contact the users who participated in the Nerian Sea Battle and to receive live video.

The sense of urgency of the battle depends on which user sees it.

"The popularity is high for northern users ..."

"Hermes should also ask the guild to contact you?"

"Of course. Talk to everyone who can reach them. "

All stations broadcast live, and municipalities were able to watch the battle at various points in time.

A viewpoint that shoots a cannon at the front of the Haven empire and fires a northern user. On the other hand, the difference was in the composition of each broadcasting station, from the fishing boats heading for the areas where the ferry boats were rumbling.

At the beginning of the battle, northern users had no fun.

As soon as the streets are close to the Imperial Navy,

It was a pity.

Then, the friend saved the sinking ship, but at this time, it was expected to flow unilaterally.

- The multiplication of the Arpen Kingdom is dark. Gap between ship and cannon. It was impossible to overcome this in numbers alone.

- Fire! This time the mid-sized sailboat was completely overwhelmed.

Almost all the Royal Roads

It was the best of course not to mention audience rating because they watched.

Due to the Battle of Neria, Royal Road users did not go hunting, but sat in the pub and saw the crystal ball. Each broadcasting station fiercely relayed the battle, and the northern users' plans were revealed and they were amazed.

- It ties the foot of the train.

- Some power out!

- The ranged firepower has decreased. But this is how it changes ...

- Kraken! And ... the sea image

Do not hit.

- It is a disaster. Blight!

While we expected the emergence of Weed


Undead performance is not great, but still annoyed the Imperial Navy. Moreover, northern users pushed from the beginning to the end without losing hope.

~ We have eagerly awaited the addition of power to the Arpen Kingdom.

- The bullet train is not shooting the shell properly.

- Northern users hang ropes around the body and jump between boats. Where did they come from?

- Try the sea. North from the sea

Ad users come up. Reckless! It is not really crazy. It swims between the waves and ships, and is aboard the Karak of the Imperial Navy.

By the time.

A number of northern users' fleets filled the Nerias with the crumbling fire burning in the background.

"hurray! We won. "

"We have won the apostasy!

"高 五乂; 3 五; 之: 3 五; 之"

Hucker's hand:

"It is [of the Nido]. Please boil!

^ The rest of the Northern users are shouting

It was. ᅭ

The sun is completely falling,

Northern decks such as trading ships,


The seafood brought by the fishermen and the fishermen,

Tashan Cognac!

Burning the darkened sea

The Northern user

There was a party of them.

Even those sights are

The reaction of the municipal governors came up during the relay.

- They do it again.

- There is no impossibility in the shrine.

~ Miracles when ordinary people gather

It seems to prove that it is done.

~ I do not think they are ordinary. It is enough to participate in the war.

- Did you see a small fishing boat? If it goes to sea, it just turns upside down.

- Haven Empire. Again, one side is right.

- Big. This taste. This is it. this. - Before the battle takes place,

The hosts were also dumb. A pattern that is repeated all the time.

There were many postings on the viewer's bulletin board that it is hard to check the article.

In the Royal Road Hall of Fame, users who participated in the war exploded their views by revealing their images. The unexpected part is defeat

One Hermes Guild users are also fighting spirit

It is a prize.

They ran around in the northern user's boat, spreading hand-to-hand combat, and aimed at the cannon to sink the opponent.

Hermes Guild users views

It was quite high.

Catch me. The sea battle is wonderful.

- Romantic of the sea. Sometimes it's boring if you go out into the distant ocean.

- Navy and pirates. This is the sea of ​​the Royal Road.

- Do not forget the adventurers.

- Hermes Guild users ... bar

Many users seem to be cool. Fight nicely

It is.

Chicken Forum.

Weed here thanks to a great boom


치 The chicken is shining today. What is chicken 01 delicious?

I am already chickens.

- It's delicious every time. Honey taste! muscle

You have to check if it is delivered.

- This is a prefect chicken house. Reservation is completed by 5 o'clock in the future. Chicken splashes.

- I also have a chicken house. I'm using the chicken in the refrigerator and closing the door and resting. People are out of doors

I will.

- How long have you been in business yet?

둣. Weed Protestant, When the Weed, please fill the refrigerator unconditionally. You should be prepared to bake about a hundred times an hour.

- I'm selling chicken. My father is running away from the smell of chicken, my son and daughter are fried chicken.

- From the Chicken Forum to Weed

- It's delicious every time. Honey taste! muscle

You have to check if it is delivered.

- This is a prefect chicken house. Reservation is completed by 5 o'clock in the future. Chicken splashes.

- I also have a chicken house. I'm using the chicken in the refrigerator and closing the door and resting. People are out of doors

I will.

- How long have you been in business yet?

둣. Weed Protestant, When the Weed, please fill the refrigerator unconditionally. You should be prepared to bake about a hundred times an hour.

- I'm selling chicken. My father is running away from the smell of chicken, my son and daughter are fried chicken.

- From the Chicken Forum to Weed

Do not you have to present a plaque as well?

- Sure. I am willing to welcome a chicken.

- Write 500 coupons.

(Continued on next ...)