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Deep sea.

A lot of fish roamed in the sea floor to the darkness.

There were users who stayed in the sea like their own house.

"My sister, this place has a lot of seafood."

"Huh. If you sell it to the fish market after all, it will be great. "

"Let's go later."


In the kingdom of Arpen, a group of sea lions, seaweed porridge, seaweed porridge, the best players in the jangjukjung!

They could dive for an hour or more, and they occasionally climbed to the surface of the water, waiting for the northern user's fleet and Imperial Navy to come.

"It's still far away."

"I think it is coming slowly. Uruk told me a little while ago. "

"Let's get ready."

800 people

They caught the crab and shrimp on the sea floor and tied them in one place.

I got caught in the deep sea of ​​the Neri Sea.


The battle will take place soon, but it was impossible for the diligent daughters.

Soon the northern users and the naval fighters of the Haven empire wars, and the aftermath of the aftermath


Blowing shells and water columns bursting.

Fragments of a ship on which a northern user sinking and sinking into the deep sea. "Ah… "

"Let's wait. I will surely do revenge. "The daughters quietly waited and as some promised,

Then I moved.

The fleet of the Imperial Navy who were staying on the battlefield and bombarding. They tied the bottom of their hulls tightly to other ships and undersea reefs with chains.

"The ships do not move!"

"Check the sails!"

"I'm fine. The key is not listening. Oh yes! "

The fleets lost their propulsion and were entangled.

Some ships were unable to move, and the rest moved in the desired direction.

I did.

"Extend the sail completely!"

The helicopter turned his keys and he got wind on the sails, but it felt like something was pulling strong.

"The ship is approaching, avoid!"

"Ah ah! Right side! Side! "The crew on the deck screamed. Charette, the electric bullet on their right, headed towards them.

I was holding.

"It crashes. Come on, stop the ship! "

"We can not do it!"

The captain and the navigators shouted, but their opponent was already close.


I jump in and solve the problem. "

The battleships and battleships fired over the northern user 's fleet.

The cannons were placed on both sides of the ship, so some were not available but were still powerful.

On the other hand, the users who jumped into the sea were not able to get through.

"Ahh. My body was trapped in the net! "

"The jellyfish does not get torn off ..."

High-level Hermes Guild users, even at the bottom of the activity was difficult.

I hunt pirates and sea monsters with a karak that has been modified for shelling.

It was a pleasure to raise the level quickly on.

The skill to drive the ship was excellent

Hunting in the field is not a specialty.

"We have done our work."

"sister. Let's finish it. "

The daughters give up fighting with them and will fall away and fall over.

Users from the naval special forces also took the Royal Road.

In reality, they were proud to be the best in each country,

I, like the airborne troops, jumped into the sea and wore flippers and webbed.

The Sha'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Numerous fishes of the sea swirled around them.

"What is the target?"

"The scout's report is three kilometers away. I'm moving south now. "

"Quick catch up."

Shark-kyo users swim and moved at high speed.

A large sea monster.

Monsters that sailors are afraid of

To draw a bunch of Kraken crowds


Of course, it was a high-risk task, but Shark-Kee troops laughed after knowing what to do.

Northern users, I was proud of doing a wonderful and important mission for the Arpen Kingdom.

The Imperial Navy fought a bombardment, moving slowly.

Although the northern users' fleet was getting closer, Hermes Guild users did not feel much of a threat.

'Their talents are roughly grasped. We can not afford to hit a cheap cannon ... if we have the defense of our ships. "

Rather, as the fleet of northern users nearer, the attack rate and destructive power of the Imperial Navy increased dramatically.

And the light and the light!

When the Imperial Navy cannon fires at once, a group of fighters of northern users were destroyed.

The streets were not easily narrowed because the wreckage of the shattered ships interfered with other users' routes.

Carlman grinned as he watched the scene.

"Did you fight so carefully in the first place? It would have been damaged even if it was thrown into the front, but it was not earthquake. "

Gonzalo, the First Officer,

I agree.

"The tactics of forcibly destroying the enemy's center are the hallmarks of the sea."

"I can try now

It looks like a drink. "

"It will be possible."

It penetrates the center of enemy fleet based on superior ship performance.

When the cannons placed on both decks spewed the shells at once, they could cause catastrophic damage.

In the process,

If you do, you might get a hand-to-hand battle, but if it's a kara-class,

It is difficult.

Of course, the Imperial Navy was also training in the battlefield even if it came up.

It is different from the rotation in the plains that can unleash an endless amount of offensive offensive. On the boat

The battle of the Hermes Guild users

I was able to demonstrate the power of one thousand cloth. If you continue to bombard your enemies while you are stuck with a handgun, you will not have any remaining enemy ships.

"Even so, let's keep the situation right now. Some of the boards

It's a state, and if you stay for just an hour like this, you can win a perfect victory. "

A picture of the entire battlefield was drawn to Carlman.

It's a little more time,

Of North Koreans have more

I was able to demonstrate any tactics from then on.

Prepare the Karaks for a chase.

Even to the harbor of the Pen Kingdom

I have to

Watching the battlefield


I was thrown.


A cute octopus of the size of a watermelon crawled sideways moving his legs.

"Is this an octopus? It would be delicious if you ate. "One sailor caught the octopus with both hands. And similar scenes were happening at the same time in several boats.

Brave Shark Killer!

More than half of the users were sacrificed when a thousand people were dispatched to each Kraken habitat in the Neri Sea.


They grabbed it and threw it on the train, or tied it firmly to the side of the ship. "We seem to have done our job."

"The last mission is left."

"right. The last mission ... "

The shark-kei unit climbed to the side of the train and infiltrated into the fossil.

"They are intruders!"

Hermes Guild users were also guarding the Imperial Sailors. During the battle between them, Shark-Kee users controlled the cannon.

"I think this is ..."

"Shoot it once!"

Users of Shark-ke turn the direction of the cannon into a nearby train.


The shells of the cannon pierced the deck and hull of the battleship that was close by"Thank you for following me.

"See you at the chickens' house."

The shark keel team decided to meet at the chickens' home in Jongno after they had finished their work.

The plan was to have a beer on the chicken, watching the nether sea battle that will take place after they die.

"Northern users and the Arpen Kingdom could not be ignored. I do not want to die. "

Kalman was also aware of why the Haven empire repeatedly failed each time he fought in the past.

"The unexpected things about the opponent ' If you do not have enough preparation, you'll be embarrassed. "

The Imperial Forces' land forces were so hard to gather at once. On the other hand, the maritime power has grown from the beginning in the direction of suppressing the kingdom of Arpen.

'Yes. This should be enough. I will not be a champion ... but I will give you resistance.

My name will be brighter when I have won a perfect victory. "

I wanted to lend some of the demi cannons like mind to direct the game of battle in the sea battle, and to make broadcast scene.

'Are the cards that the enemies can put out? The second half of the battle will be a bit dizzy. '

It was not the object of consideration when fishing boats of the northern user were destroyed even big-sized trade line or medium-sized sailboat.

"It's over."

"haha. Let's make the seaside of the kingdom of arpen scorch! "

Standing on the deck of the train

Hermes was guild users. Huge tentacles passed by them and grabbed the ship's deck and mast.

And dddd

"Su, it's raid!"

The sailors who loaded the cannon were shouting and shouting. And the tentacles rising from the sea tightly wrapped the train.

"This is ... Kraken?"

"Kraken's raid!"

Large sea monster Kraken!

<I was attacked by Kraken.

Legend of the Neri Sea!

Be careful of the sea after the sea is overflowing.

Something terrible in the deep sea is coming up for the prey.

Every sailor's morale is reduced by 85%.>

The appearance of Kraken.

Emergency for Hermes Guild users


"At this time ... "

"It's not hard to beat,

I will bind. "

"This is not an area of ​​Kraken. I do not know why the Northern users drove Kraken? "

The Imperial Navy had several experiences of defeating Kraken while achieving the task of stabilizing the oceans.

"Respond calmly. Even Kraken is no different to our fleet. "Carlman shouted and encouraged his troops.

<Scams of sailors recover 50%. The cannon's loading speed is faster.

Among the creatures of the sea, Kraken is one of the most annoying monsters

Respectively.The legs came up.

"There is more."

"many! Not one or two. "

More than a dozen kraken were holding on to the banners and karaks.

The ships caught by Kraken 's legs could not collapse or move.

Calman and Hermes Guild users also fell on the foot.

"Repel! It's the first time I put off the Northern guys and dealt with them from the Kraken. "

Kraken retreats if he feels that the attack is not enough to feed him

All. So hot with magic or cannons

When I showed the taste, I saw that I would retreat.


The Kraken 's legs struck the mast and broke it, swept the sailors into the sea.

- Whoa!

I caught up with the bizarre cries. The tentacles of the sticky legs wrapped around the boat and dragged them deep into the sea.

It was not easily sunk because of its excellent restoring ability, but it was damaged by the damaged part of the hull.

Fleets can be broken down

It's hard to attack with a cannon.


"Why is this so ..."

I was skeptical about the persistent attack that Kraken could not understand.

A calm ripple began to emerge in the waters of the heart of the Imperial Navy, where bullets and armed tigers were concentrated.

A small whirlpool in the middle of the sea. A little fog raises, and in clear sky, gusts and raindrops fall. Hermes Guild users are tied up with the crocodile stuck to the boat

I noticed late.

Even if we knew early,

It would not have been.

Crazy winds and swirls.

It is because the sculpture of the masterpiece spreading in the background of the sea was destroyed and the natural sculpture of the disaster was unfolded.

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