49 Volume 4 Episode - Battle of Neria

The Haven Imperial Navy!

Their port of call was Port Borusk.

"We are the rulers of the sea. No one can resist us. "The Imperial Navy was very proud. Because the performance of the ship is important at sea, it considers that they are the strongest in the continent, consuming high technology and enormous armaments."Please power down. It is not true that we are weak. We have to show what happens when we fight against the Haven empire. "

Lappe and his staff could not afford to let northern users land.

It was not enough that the offensive of the Northern users would threaten the empire.

The northern users were also part of the hurried part of the war, so there were many mountainous areas, and the development was slow and different from Hurfan.

Rhodes and Ritten did not think that the area where there was a fairly prosperous kingdom, the Hermes guild users and the army, were deployed and conquered.

Nevertheless, on the air, northern users did not want to show a scene where the Haven empire was fully battling.

I do not want to see how the Haven empire suffers northern users who gathered as beginners at all, and will stimulate the rebels.

"Please let me collect all at sea. They should not be able to step on the land of empire. "

"of course."

Carlman headed east with 300 battleships carrying heavy armor, and many other warships such as Galeon and Karak.

"I see them."

"Found the enemy fleet! Battle of the battlefield! "The Haven Imperial Navy found a multitude of huge fleets from afar.

In the Royal Road, because there are a lot of video and broadcasting stations on the Internet,


The fleet of the Arpen Kingdom was also able to locate early and occupy a good position to battle accordingly.

The mistakes like "felt" and "hakim"

It is a large-scale fleet that surpasses allies.

Sailors' morale is reduced by 20%>

The sea is covered with boats, like an endless plain or forest.

The sail-spreading ships were sailing to the south, but they were a little scared.

Even though Carlman and the Navy users have been doing a lot of naval warfare, it is the first time they have been fighting this size of enemy. But I did not think it was going to be bad.

'The sea is different from the land. Boat performance and wind. These conditions are an important factor in victory and defeat. 'The Imperial Navy carefully crafted tactics.

"What is a cannon?

"The loading is complete. You can shoot at any time

There is."

"Get off the wind and get out of the enemy

Do not be dragged-in! "

"Yes. Admiral! ""

Kwaw and Gwang!

Part of the shell fell into the sea and caused a high water column.


"Fly away!"

Dozens of vessels of northern users have subsided. Some have been destroyed, slowly sinking into the deep sea

there was.

"Let us use it. launch!"

"You can not just be hurt. Shoot as you load! "

The ships of the northern users at the forefront also shot crews on deck.

The shells shot while raising the white smoke from the ship are near the Imperial Navy

'Absolute victory. Number of enemies

Even if you have a lot of people, you can not reach them.

Kalman sent a signal to the Imperial Navy.

"I will continue to bombard. We are overwhelmed by the performance of the ship and shoot from the outside to the end. "

"Yes. Admiral! "

The Imperial Navy continued to shoot with the promised movement.

A cannon shot

The bullets were devastatingly hit by the fiercest of northern users.

The adventurous proprietors, with their maximum speed increased, came out in front, but they were only targets that were easy to match.

I could not go and fell to the sea.


"Ah. This is too easy. "Hermes Guild users were not able to tolerate the laughter.

"It won."

Seeing the size of the enemy's fleet,

I was convinced by the tension I had felt. At sea, the size and performance of the ship and the range of the cannon were very important. The cannon that shoots back with the wind gets a little longer.

Even if you shoot a cannon of similar performance, the Imperial Navy is advantageous,


The seasoned Imperial Navy smashed from the lead ship by bombardment and continued to move using superior maneuverability. Northern user's ship sails wide

The distance is rather

Further away.

The three crazy sharks of Becky Nin were helpless to bombard the Imperial Navy.

"Oh fuck!"

"Let us go. Our ship can catch up with those things. The booth

It's slow. "

"No. If we go ahead,

I will be scolded. "

Becky's three crazy sharks were the center of the fleet of northern users.

If they are defeated, there is nothing left.

Huge ?! The fleets of northern users gathered together in one lump, but the Imperial Navy literally erased them.

When the players experience death on land, they receive a penalty to lose level, proficiency, and items, but they are revived again.

But in the sea, the sunken or broken ships were not restored.

Maritime power that has been brought up in the Kingdom of Arpen. Most of the ships were disappearing into the deep sea of ​​the Neri Sea.

It was filled with wreckage of sinking ships in the open sea.

Users of the Hermes Guild and the Imperial Navy were full of smiles on their faces.

"I won. We do not have to worry about damaging the whole thing.

Lee sleeps. "

"It will be a battle for the history of the naval war. They can not come back and return to the kingdom of Arpen. "

The Imperial Navy intend to chase it to the end even if the Northern users run away from the bow.

Already in preparation for the victory, ships with shells, water, and food have followed.

Marine trade in Hermes Guild

The top 'Sea of ​​glory' that came to the shim led us all to the ship.

The northern users spread their sails wide and reached their maximum speed, but they were backing up to the Imperial Navy's bombardment.

771 ㅇ ㅇ ㅇ ㅇ |

I - I - I - I - I -

At that time, there were joins that cried so hard to hear in the distant sea.

One of the most popular joins among users is the swift cold wind.

The cold winds are the first

It was a joining tribe that got to the point that it was swift.

- Operation start Daat!

Joins from the northern users' sails and decks began to fly in unison. The pair of red dyed joins led the birds to the sky.

One assault!

Joins fought against the Imperial Navy, wearing a crown that increased their collision power.

It is an armor suitable for a join group, but the damage improvement item!

"Protect your ship."

The Imperial Navy wizards invoked join spells on the join groups.

Numerous flames and light streaks sprang up into the sky, and some wizards wrapped them in light protective magic.

- Break it down!

- Cock!

Joins flew away from the magical attack and rushed to the ship.

Join the groups that are killed in the air and turned gray and die or bounce!

Nevertheless, nearly half of the Joins succeeded in approaching the frontiers.

- Guante!

Join the deck



Though there was a slight movement in the front of the train, the deck was fine without breaking.

Hermes one of the guild users laughed loudly.

"Stupid guys. It's your tact.


This is steel reinforced boat! "

Enforced heavenly battles surrounded by heavy armor!

The joins of the users who listened to them were announced on the communication channel just before the death.

- Yatchi: This is a ship reinforced with steel. I have a headache. radish

There is no point in the assaults ... Kraut!

Joins were already rushing



I was hit by a lot of magic attacks, so if I fly back to the sky now, I will suffer irreparable damage.

Cold wind: If the hull is not sail

Even so, please. We can

Everything is done.

The power of the joining eyes and the beak that is pushed down by the wind

It came out.

- The cold wind: We are the joins that take the sky into the realm and take the wind. Let's go!

Most of the Northern users, however, were particularly brave.

In the first place, the vitality is small, but it is a job to fly quickly by spreading the wings.

Those free souls that are not bound up!

The joins had met the seoyun and heard the horse, so she decided to throw her life for her.

- Two Magpies: There is no running away. Let's bombard it fiercely. Should

That's what you do.

~ TARGO: I hope you do not have any members who survive after 5 minutes.

The joins were tied together in a row. It was meaningless to strike the deck, so I hit the sailors who loaded the cannon,

I pecked.

Pick up!

I. I do not care if this is enough. "

I have defeated the joins and most of the variables will have disappeared.

"The starboard battle. Vessels that have been damaged by the sails are exiting the battlefield and returning to complete repair. "

While the Imperial Navy took the time, about half of the fleet had left the battlefield.

Surrounded by northern users, it was a slow but pre-moving move to avoid beetle attacks.

The battleships and battle - like sailboats were safely and adequately distant from each other as they bombarded the shells.

A large main crew will be raising them again,

I tried to supplement it.

The northern user's fleet was approaching at full speed, but the Imperial Navy continued to flee as they retreated. Thunderstorms like a thunderbolt hit the shots of northern users from the shattered shells.

Hermes Guild users thought it was a surprisingly easy fight -

It was then.

The crore!

Along with the sound of something big, the hulls of the heaters shivered at once.

"What's going on?"

"My stomach does not move."

"No way..."

The first Carlman and Hermes guild users were embarrassed.

One of the most frightening conditions at sea is that the boat does not move.

It is also in battle!

The Hermes Guild users wondered at the sails that were stretched out in the wind.

"The wind is normal. What's going on? "

"There seems to be some problem in the water."

Although they did not know it, there were Northern users in the water.

Confraternity Emergency Strategy Office.

The naval combat command class has

Navy elites gathered.

"The naval battle is unreasonable with our power. The gap between the ship's displacement and the weapon system is too large. "

"But we do not have many numbers

Do you? "

"Northern users are not well armed. Most of the adventurers and merchant ships will be overwhelming, and most of them are not equipped with cannons. "

"The difference between great power

It is. "

In the Arpen Kingdom, the shipyard's technology was far behind the central continent.

Chosun craftsmen are quick and quick to make big boobs, even when ordering cannons are rare.

If necessary, it was common to go to the city where the pirates were burnt, like Becky Nin, and to mount it.

Northern users eliminated the cannon on the ship altogether, increased the loading capacity of the warehouse for trade, and improved the ship's maneuverability.

Captains and sailors who did not learn the gunship were common.

"Will not I be able to get help from join families?"

"They can not overpower the Imperial Navy."

"What is a good combat form?"

"If the Imperial Navy were not a fool, it would collapse from the outside. I will not fight properly. As you know, cannons and ships, skilled sailors. Of war

In the elements we need,

I will. "

"Then what should I do? Should we stop the landing operation? "

"We use everything we have

I'll have to look good. "

Navy elites studied naval warfare in the Neri Sea.

They were the ones who believed that war had to be prepared before it happened.

They had a difficult conclusion when they were meeting night and day.

"In order to win, we have to fight against them in the place we want. I'm ready for the maximum. "

"Is that possible in the wilderness?"

"Yes. We should make it possible. "

"Marine tactics seem a bit difficult. It's hard to keep up with the time given the winds and currents. "

"Northern users have complicated tactics

Do not let them do it, but let some of the big bellys lead the whole crowd.

You must. "

"Uh ... if that's the way it is."

"And to maximize the effect

At the end of Weed is good if you appear. "

"To Weed?"

"The plan was accomplished successfully.

In order to completely submerge the Imperial Navy. "

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